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Occasionally, I write things; it's become less frequent over time, but if you ever want to read it it's all here. (It's also all on my ao3 account, and I'd highly recommend you stop by there and leave some kudos/comments if you enjoy my writing.)

A House Built on Sand

My current only long-running fic, and also the first fic I've written in an extremely long time. My Hero Academia is a show that's very near and dear to my heart, but there's some pretty glaring problems I've found with a lot of the writing - thus, I decided to fix it.

Description: Dreams are fickle creatures.

Sometimes the most certain can fall apart at a moment's notice, and sometimes, the most fantastic dreams have a chance of coming true.

Of course, that all depends on the dreamer.

(aka. the fic where izuku is a trans girl and the narrative arcs actually make sense)

Put On Your Sunday Best

(and mingle with unsuspecting christian men)

A one-shot I wrote after watching My Jungle Book, Your Year for the first time and going, "Hey, I really relate to this one character, what if I just write about what happens to her after the end?" Then she died, but I decided to do it anyway.

Description: There's a certain amount of familiarity with death that's to be expected for most people. When you're friends with a girl who resurrects the dead for fun and a boy who dies on a weekly basis, it becomes a lot less scary.

For other people, that is. Dealing with your own death is still pretty hard.

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